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We provide mind, body, and soul readings as part of our holistic approach, giving you deep insights and direction to overcome obstacles in life and realize your full potential. From shock rebalancing and card readings to our curated selection of crystals and candles, we provide tools and resources to support you on your journey toward healing and self-discovery.

Reiki Healing


Channeling the wind activations to illuminate cultivated healings from the earth and pleiades life spans of real God.  

Soul Retrieval


Allocating the bodily presence with the foundation of earth’s centers to continue the expansion of light in all aspects of the wit illuminated thru charger cords of “broth” from the soul.

card readings


Reading Hindu art by using chaos masked at scupts in the breath to match the frequency of the card pulled. This illuminates the sound of the client’s perspective of light audiences in their channel. Amen. Includes a recording & personalized email with the written reading.

Spirit Medicine


Rapeh, light, worship, and breathing ceremonies. For a basic foundation of light activations into the body ready for therapy of any kind to be centered into the body for chaos to assume position in light of it. Amen.

Aura Readings


Centering the door of chaos magic in the realm of faye illuminated to the vast crown energies and processing the writ illumination of heightened energy cords of the faye.

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I’ve experienced significant relief and a newfound sense of peace. They are incredibly skilled and compassionate, and I can’t recommend their services enough.

Mike Murphy

I was blown away by the depth and accuracy of the aura reading I received at Tiffany Adele Spirit Medicine. Thank you for the transformative experience!

Zak Brown

I was initially skeptical about tarot card readings, but my experience at Tiffany Adele Spirit Medicine completely changed my perspective.

Ben Martin

Reiki Healing in Austin TX

It is a gentle, powerful technique of the Japanese for lessening stress and relaxation and overall holistic healing. At Tiffany Adele Spirit Medicine, we access the universal life force energy, aiding in healing and maintaining balance on all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. In a Reiki session, you will experience energy flowing around you which is deeply relaxing, invigorating, and very powerful to help release blockages, restore harmony, and promote well-being in general. Whether you’re suffering from a physical complaint, have some emotional issues to work through, or just want to take time to relax and revitalize, our Reiki treatment sessions offer you a safe and caring environment in which to receive healing and transformations.

Professional Marketing of People Skills

Professional Marketing of People Skills: Connect with your breath and integrative pieces of light and unwavering sounds of chaos stuck in the illusion of your soul. Learn to prohibit yourself from falling into these deep hardened cracks of illusions by anchoring your natural senses to the earth for the release of akashic information and illusive constructs by working together to utilize creative discernment to select and hold the appropriate ceremony for your soul through the will of Spirit. The use of creative ceremonies includes the use of natural modalities and sensory activations. $777

Frequently Asked Questions

During a Reiki healing session, you can expect to relax fully clothed on a comfortable treatment table or seated in a chair. The practitioner will gently place their hands on or near your body in a series of positions to channel healing energy. You may feel sensations such as warmth, tingling, or deep relaxation during the session.
The number of sessions needed varies depending on individual needs and goals. Some people experience significant benefits after just one session, while others may benefit from a series of sessions for more profound healing and transformation. Your practitioner can discuss a personalized treatment plan with you based on your specific needs.
While both aura readings and tarot card readings offer insights and guidance, they are distinct practices. Aura readings involve observing and interpreting the energy field surrounding a person, providing insights into their emotional, mental, and spiritual state. Tarot card readings, on the other hand, involve using a deck of cards to gain insights into past, present, and future events, as well as guidance on various aspects of life.
Soul retrieval is an ancient healing practice aimed at retrieving fragmented aspects of the soul that may have been lost or disconnected due to past trauma or life experiences. By reintegrating these lost soul parts, soul retrieval can help restore wholeness, vitality, and a sense of purpose and empowerment.
To schedule an appointment or inquire about our services, you can contact us through our website or give us a call. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in finding the right service for your needs and scheduling a convenient appointment time.